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Multifandom iconbatch #16

Hey how is it going over there~ Long time no post icons here;; anyways, some of these are from the Spring Picspam post. I may post more for the 2nd batch in the future, but enjoy these for now :)
Total: 63 icons
[list of series]- Animanga
07 - Ghost: 2
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: 1
Joker Game: 11
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri: 5
Bungou Stray Dogs: 2
Diamond no Ace: 4
K-Project: 2
Yuri!!! on Ice: 2
Hakuouki: 1
Hanasaku Iroha: 3
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: 3
D.N. Angel: 4

- Video Games
Ace Attorney: 1
Fire Emblem: 6
Zero Time Dilemma: 2
Devil Survivor 2: 1
Tales of series: 4
Avalon Code: 1
Game of Dice: 1

- Others (movie, tv series, etc)
Voltron: Legendary Defender: 1
Vixen: 3
Legend of Tomorrow: 1
The Librarians: 2


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Okaaay I'm going to post the icons from the picspam (part 1) by the end of the week!!! let me admit i haven't started doing it
Anyway, things that you may interested in joining!


Sign ups are open!
Daiya » i'll stay by your side


Wooooo!! I was planning to do request post, but I think this is better!


1. Link me any image from any series/media to icon
2. HQ images if possible and please provide color reference if you provide manga scans
3. There's no limit of the images you can give, but I may/may not icon all your images if I'm not comfortable with the image (I'll try to icon at least two images you provided though)
4. All icons will be shareable and will be posted on my next multifandom iconbatch (not 20in20 posts)
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