Lene (vai_rin) wrote in visual_blur,

[animated20in20] round 16: Fire Emblem Heroes

I've been into this mobile game- well I've loved FE series for quite a while now and this mobile game made me miss the old FE games, anyway, I claimed it as FE:H instead of FE series is because I use all the official art from the mobile game one.

Total: 20 icons
Fire Emblem Heroes: 19
God Eater: 1

first scene* scenery frame plus two 2nd choice**
solid background concept art*** close crop + no eyes smiling last scene*

Dress me up
1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

1. * both first and last scene caps are from the opening movie
2. ** my second choice for this round's claim was God Eater series, therefore have a Soma icon!
3. *** there are no official 'concept art' so I went with the very first art published
4. The theme for my Artist's Choice is the nobles of the games. Each of them are from different game titles under the FE series.
5. I haven't done icons properly look I'm all rusty orz

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